About NY.gov ID

NY.gov ID is an online service that allows you to use your user ID and password to sign in securely to NY.gov ID participating government online services.
With an NY.gov ID:
 You can sign in to government participating sites using your NY.gov ID and a single password so you don't have to remember a different Login ID and password at every website.
 You don't need to enroll for a Login ID and password at each new site you visit - simply use the Login ID and password that you enrolled as your NY.gov ID to sign in to any participating government site or service.
There are three types of NY.gov ID:
• Personal NY.gov ID  -  Allows persons acting in their individual capacity for their personal benefit to access Online Services and may require that individuals verify their identity (i.e. not for use by a business).
• Government NY.gov ID  -  Allows State and local government employees to securely access Online Services Employee Functions.
• Business NY.gov ID  -  Allows business organizations registered in New York State to access Online Services, and may require that the business organization's unique identity be verified and that the individual accessing the account be acting in a business capacity as an authorized representative of the business (i.e. not as an individual). Business NY.gov ID may be used by representatives of companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships or municipalities and not-for-profit societies. Additional accounts for employees acting in a representative capacity for a business can be created as required.